Punchu Story

I would like to start by stating that I cannot be more thankful and grateful of the blessing of having my two daughters, and the connection and bond that developed from breastfeeding.

Motherhood at the beginning was very stressful and breastfeeding was not an easy task. I remember my oldest baby was starving and cranky and the frustration of not producing milk was terrible.

I am originally from Lima Peru, and my mother was visiting for my delivery. She helped me in so many ways, the best was by cooking for me, special foods that helped me to produce milk. Finally, after receiving my mother’s help, and putting the baby to breastfeed often, little by little mother nature started to take over. I finally started to produce more and more milk, I was proud to breastfeed my babies until almost 9 months.

Breastfeeding in public for me was not easy, I understood that it is a natural thing to do, but some people are a not very polite. I used blankets, or any kind of fabric to cover myself to breastfeed my baby. Twenty years ago the choices were few for breastfeeding covers. Specifically, none that I found comfortable to use. As a Mother, and a photographer specializing in baby portraits, I have seen the difficulties that moms experience trying to breastfeed their babies. Every mom was different from the other. I had a special room in the studio with a rocking chair where moms could comfortably breastfeed the baby with total privacy. Others breastfed the baby grabbing a blanket or other type of cloth, that at the end was not giving the proper coverage and the baby was uncomfortable to say the least. After being a witness to this, I knew that one day I would create the most unique and stylish breastfeeding cover, and provide to each mom the comfort to breastfeed their baby in public with the perfect coverage, adding comfort and style. As the mother of two babies, a wife, running a photo studio, and the main photographer at Photography by Mia, I was not ready for such an arduous undertaking.!!

Twenty years have passed and “My IDEA” is now a product available to every mom that is looking to breastfeed with comfort and style. It is the“ONE AND ONLY” Punchu, made of the softest fabric 100% Muslin Cotton. Punchu can be used in three different ways.

The Story of the name Punchu began when my first Punchu was given to me when I was 8 years old, a gift from my Paternal Great grandmother Fausta, who came to visit from Ancash, to lima City, she spoke only quechua a dialect from the city where she was born named Yumpa! The meaning of Punchu in quechua is Poncho. Since then I had the name “PUNCHU” in my mind, it was a wonderful gift that I used to cover myself in the strong winters of Lima, Peru.

Then the name of “Punchu and Me” was born and I am happy and grateful to introduce this new innovation that will help moms to cover while breastfeeding, or using this cover up as a Stylish stole, that also can be used as a baby swaddle.